Welcome back loves!
      First, this routine is based on my life before the pandemic, as there hasn't really been any stress during these times, except mentally, and that I'm handling quite well. So, if you don't know, I'm a nurse by profession and my Job is highly demanding and stressful. I'm not working right now as you might have noticed in my posts if you have been following my blog lately. 
     I stopped working early this year as I had to travel and get some things done for myself, so I had resigned earlier before the pandemic got out of hand and serious. My work is one that comes with a lot of stress physically and mentally. and most times there is almost no time to de-stress as the hospital I was working with before was really short-staffed and Nurses had to work 12hrs daily as a normal shift, I'm not talking about night shifts just day shifts. 
     The stress that we get even with a 6hour or 8hour shift is enough to handle not to talk of doubling the h…


Welcome back loves!
         This series on Self Optimism has been a kind reminder and a review on my way of living life, people say to learn to take your own advice and not just dish it out to others. The first step, accepting that failure happens but shouldn't become what you expect of yourself every time. The second step, let out your heart and clear your head to be able to see clearly and positively again. Shall we begin the third point? Ok, let's go!
        First, let's check the definition of both walls and doors, then we can get into this point properly to ensure better understanding. 
WALLS:  A thing regarded as a protective or restrictive barrier or A continuous vertical brick or stone structure that encloses or divides an area of land. 
DOORS: A hinged, sliding, or revolving barrier at the entrance to a building, room, or vehicle or in the framework of a cupboard.
      It's normal to withdraw or go into yourself when you go through several disappointments and fa…

Self Optimism 2 : It's Okay to Break down and Cry

Welcome back loves❤❤❤
     Sometimes, we become full, due to the sadness, bitterness, uncertainty, anger, negative energy that life exudes towards us. Life becomes too much, just too much to handle, our mind is on the verge of exploding, looking for a way to let out the frustration and just have that feeling of being relaxed and laid back, not totally, but just a little bit of stillness and coordination in our minds. 
     From blame game, to acceptance, to defense sometimes and so many other stages we go through, after been disappointed several times, and encountering countless fails. We begin to look for a justification to those happenings. Something to either confirm your diligence or laziness, a reason to accept those outcomes. Due to that you become Full like I mentioned before, too full sometimes that it's hard to think clearly.
     There are some quotes that tell you that "If life gives you a thousand reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile an…


   Failure is depressing, especially when it has occurred too many times in a row. All you want to do is give up sometimes and try something else, something not as stressful, time-consuming, and financially draining as the one you have been trying to achieve. Maybe you're even tired of people preaching to you that you shouldn't give up, to keep going, and that someday it will happen.
   Most times, you have started considering those sayings by successful people as planned, unreal and untrue, and you feel like no one actually gets it or understands properly what you're going through except they go through it themselves. This is very true and relatable, everyone has something either painful or emotionally draining that we feel like no one can understand except they go through it personally. 
    I get all that and agree with you on those points because I've also had my fair share of disappointments and fails, which is why I'm here to tell you all …


         Welcome back lovelies
This post is all aboutLOVE and NEED. These two things are so intertwined that they can be very confusing when put together and somehow misleading when the situation in a relationship is not clear enough to the partners.
  It's also very tricky and can easily make you imagine things that are not about your relationship and the end might lead you to have a very bad dating experience which is why you need to know the reason you're in a relationship.   When it comes to friendship, it is easy to deduce what you are sometimes to the other person and that's if you're a very smart person, as some friends can make you believe that you mean the world to them, while in actual fact they are just friends with you because of the good or maybe bad things you have to offer them.
  Let us not deceive ourselves, everyone has a friend that isn't a friend but because of what we gain or can gain through their influence we keep them around. This type of friend…


WELCOME BACK MY LOVELIES❤️❤️❤️         OH OH OH! what a year 2020 has been, I really didn't see this coming, but I'm so happy that our land is starting to recover and open up again. I thought long and hard about what to post first after such a long time out of the blog, I went back and forth deciding between posting about the new year first or about the pandemic, then I realized that this year actually started with the virus. The lockdown might have commenced at different times in various countries, but right from the start of this year, the pandemic has been around, so there's no posting about the new year without discussing the virus.
        All, most news outlets and media platform talk about these days are all about the pandemic and sometimes I just feel bored out of my mind and suffocated by these news outlets, it's like breathing in the same air you exhaled a few seconds back, it's all about the virus! Don't get me wrong, I get it, it is about the virus t…


I'm so angry, at the same time very puzzled.

     Something very dramatic happened to me today and I'm like, yeah, let's talk about this. Now it's very simple but I just feel like the world might be changing and I'm not aware of it or maybe some people haven't really figured out how Life really works.

      I had just concluded a very important transaction with my dad and as usual, told a very close friend of mine to send me the money because where I am is so far and I can't really receive the money myself. Firstly, I do know how sensitive money issues can get and that's why I do not allow anyone to receive money for me except this very close friend of mine.

     Now, the guy who was supposed to deliver my money to my friend cuts away from the total amount he was supposed to give to my friend without telling me. Normally, I would not really bother if the money wasn't so important or if it was for me personally. But this is totally different an…