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Should you/can you date your best/close friend ? Letstalk relationship!

Hey guys!
Welcome back ❤️
    Today’s post is all about relationship, and the main point I’m going to be stressing is secrets and love . Before that,  I have a question for you . I’ve decided to put out a question every week and engage with you my lovelies .  My question today, is something that I’ve not found a satisfactory answer to yet and I actually don’t agree with it . But a lot of people have positive answers to it and they are like , yes , you can . It’s possible  and everytime someone gives me that answer, I’m like how ! I asked a friend this evening and she gave me a different response,  which is quite encouraging and I finally feel like I’ve got someone on my side . So the question, like the title of this post says , is

I really hope I get convincing answers and what I want you to answer especially is , if Yes! Cause I know it’s possible and sometimes it’s best but how do you remove them from the box of friendship and place them in that box of a partner or lover . I’m…

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