Life Lesson 4: Responding to Bad vibes/Negativity

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It’s time for another Life Lesson. (LLn4)

4. Responding to Bad vibes / Negativity 
   There is so much negativity in the world that most people  intentionally or unintentionally have become negative and are now having some bad energy (bad vibes ) around them .
   I mentioned this in my post on how I’ve never received gifts on my birthday that I used to have a depressing and unfriendly attitude in my teenage years, wasn’t sassy though but from almost 6 years now, I’ve learnt that being happy is a choice and your happiness will never come from what someone else does for you . It can be affected by their attitude , but you are in control  of how you want their attitude to affect you. I’ve learnt that holding grudges against someone or refusing to speak with them because of how they have hurt you can make you a bitter  person.

   Guard your Heart :
  There is something I did this year that has helped me a lot with handling bad energy, rude words& negativity . The Bible  says to “guard your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life”. That’s what I’ve been doing guys , guarding my heart , I built a wall around it , positive & lovable  things  are allowed but negative vibes doesnt have the permission to enter into my heart except I let it in. That doesn’t mean I don’t trust people or let them in although trusting also has it’s own rules but I make sure whatever is going into me is healthy for my mind & spirit . Sometimes it’s painful and it’s not easy not to let go of some negative words said to us especially when it seems like it’s true . That’s why it’s so important to know who you are ! Refusing to accept what others say about you or the limits they have placed around you just because it might be true is something you need to learn to do .

Acting instead of Reacting 
  I’ve mentioned this in one of my life lessons post before , it’s very important how you respond to negativity, rudeness, bad energy/vibes and all that comes with it .  A teacher  once said to my brother in high school that “ he wouldn’t make it in Life “  because of his attitude then . We were angry and so annoyed that we told our parents about it and then my Dad said to my brother , “ he isn’t a determinant of how successful you are going to be ,You Are ! it’s in your hands to prove him wrong”.
 Now what the teacher said is wrong , absolutely wrong but my dad chose to act based on what he wants  to see, focus on his goal which is making sure my brother is successful and spoke to him directly , not reacting to the negativity shown by the teacher . My dad obviously gave a complain about those words and how it’s wrong for a teacher to say that to his student but then he didn’t fight that the teacher should be sacked or stopped from his job, cause that wasn’t his goal or vision , his vision is to make sure my brother becomes all that God has made him and that’s exactly what he acted upon . Now you might be wondering ,but he still has that same teacher around him(negativity), wouldn’t it affect him , that’s where your consistent action comes in . It became my dads job to speak inspiring words to us everyday , always and constantly,  letting us know that , we were born to be great in life and nothing can stop us, not even the teachers attitude or words, and that except we put a limit to our greatness nothing can.
     Bad vibes is inevitable in the world we live in today but your response is key to your happiness , your greatness, your sanity, your success.and achievements . Responding  the same way a mentally ill person behaves to you potrays you to be mentally ill . Doesn’t mean you are ill but makes you look like you are . Same as bad vibes. Be only who you want to be no matter what anyone does or say to you.

    I feel like people have attributed love just to relationships , marriage and all that falls in that aspect.    Love is so much more than that . If there were more loving people in the world then the world wouldn’t have this much negativity or Bad energy. Love is such an important necessity in this world and we don’t have enough of it yet . Loving  people does a lot for you , for them and for the world . When you love , you change , when you love , you understand , when you love , you give , when you love , you heal( broken hearts & people)  . Love is everything . There’s a lot love can give you that hate can never dream of . Love gives you the best attitude , love brings you the best people , love prospers you . Love people as much as you can even if they hurt you . I’m not saying to allow them continue to hurt you but loving them from a distance without holding their past against them is also normal . Life is so much more when you love . Most importantly , Make sure you Act and not React.
   Let me know what you think about this life lesson , if you agree or disagree , your take on loving people even when they are so bitter . Leave your thoughts in the comment section . Thank you.

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